El Gato HD60 S+

I’ve been looking at some different video capture devices to record streaming gameplay.  The El Gato HD60 had great reviews, but wasn’t available,  but the the HD60 S+ model was available and below are the results.

In the Box
El Gato HD60 S+, hdmi cable, usb-c to usb 3.0 cable, and the world’s smallest unreadable instruction manual.  You’ll need a magnifying glass to read this one.

Initial Impression
It seemed fairly simple to connect.  Connect the source (in this case an xbox one) output into the El Gato input, then another HDMI from the El Gato output to the TV or computer monitor or other display. Also connect the usb 3.0 end to the laptop for recording.  You’ll then need to download from the El Gato website their capture software.  For the S+ model,  I needed to download the 4K capture software.

After 1 week of use
I have mixed emotions on this.  The first set of recorded content seemed great.  The file sizes are really large.    One some games, I was receiving an error about un-compliant 4K 4:2:2:2 content settings in the xbox or some mumbo jumbo like that, so results were hit and miss.  

 Most of my videos had a crackling sound in the final output.  I tried different HDMI cords and it was still the same, so not sure what was going on there.  The recording software seemed to crash and freeze up a lot on my laptop.  The only way to fix was to reboot.

I must admit, I think I will be returning this device.  I can’t justify the $199 price tag for all the issues I was having……back to the drawing board.

2.5 out of 5 stars

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