iPad (7th Gen)

My 2017 iPad was doing just fine, but Best Buy had a sale on the 7th Gen iPad for $249, so that was hard to pass up.  The screen  size increased on this model to 10.2 vs 9.7. Here’s my review.   

In the Box
iPad, lightning cable, power adapter.

Initial Impression
This feels solid.  Apple constructions is always top notch.  I set this up as new to get a new and fresh start.  This model still has the finger print touch id.  I have no complaints there as it still works great. 

After 3 week of use
This seems “zippier” than my last model and all the movements are smooth and fast.  Multitasking is great as usual.  I am curious about the Apple pencil, which this model supports, but not keen on it’s price at the moment.  Everything is working great so far.

For some reason this iPad seems a little heavier than my 2017 one. It’s not a big deal, but it’s not feather light either. It’s probably because of the increase in screen size. After my initial setup, my 32 GB was already using up 8GB, with nothing installed.  After getting rid of a few Apple Apps I never use, it came down to 5GB with 2 GB taken up by that dreaded “other”  which continues to be a mystery.  That is always a problem that everyone online complains about. I wish apple would provide more information regarding what that is, and how to clean it up.

It’s easy to see why Apple continues to make the best tablets in the world.  For this price point, no other tablet stands a chance against this iPad version. This is a great buy.

5 out of 5 stars

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